A Sincere Tribute

 For my ability to walk, skip, jump and frolic; for the chance to dance with a lady; and for the option to choose fight or flight, I have you to thank, so thank you!


Every morning starts the same; I wake up on my stomach. I was always more comfortable on my back, but this is how I sleep now (you know, so I don’t die). I am lucky to be alive. Its 11:59, looks like just one minute of A.M. for me today. I count the seconds – just twenty five go by before noon. Not even one minute… not even half. And who knows what time I’ll actually get to leave my bed today. I wonder who will be around to help me. Suspended in space and perturbed by the lurid LED digits of time. The clock is my enemy, constantly mocking me, or worse – pitying me, for I am helpless. At what felt like 3:00 P.M. but was probably more like 12:45, the house lost power and the digits on the clock disappeared. A moment later the power returned, which reset the clock and set off its alarm. So I lay motionless on my stomach, with my head turned to the side, watching “12:00” blink slowly on the tiny screen. My ears and mind ring violently as the alarm endlessly, relentlessly continues to blare.


I wake up in a panic, having thoroughly sweat through my boxers and sheets. I burst to my feet and smash the alarm’s off button with a sleepy hammer-fist. Lightheaded, nauseous, relieved… it was only a nightmare. A chill shivers through my spine and I shake it off. I’m so happy I’m not paralyzed. I am lucky to be alive. And it is all because of you.


Being young means rolling the dice without asking what’s at stake. We, as young people, are impulsive by nature as a result of our fascination with instant gratification. It’s never about decision processes – we live in the present moment and never consider the next. That’s why youth can never run the world alone; our lifestyle would be the death of us. And yet this is how we lived, reckless, every day for years.


Thanks to you, our childhood was an adventure.

Thanks to you, I never lost any of my brothers.

Thanks to you, we can still use you today.

Thanks to you, I can write what you’re reading right now.


You made that life possible, the one filled with sunshine.

You forbade a passable day, even when it rained.

You spotted us while we trained, and never once complained.

Thank you.

                           /  An Ode to the Trampoline Safety Net  /


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