Put it on my Tab


And I’ll take another stab at this

Running up debt like I intend to drown in it

With nothing left but days for living


Skating by is a way of giving

 Endless promises, always hollow

To those that never seem to follow


Soon surely they will learn my way

The taxman will demand his half

To that face I’ll simply laugh


To a welcome home of liquid vices

Of toxins for my growing defiance

And “take the pain away” reliance


Plus I’d rather pay a bar man and

Shame my name before they can

At rock bottom, that’s the plan


I see a stool and take a seat

Followed by a whiskey neat

Tell the keep to keep them coming


Running up my tab

Can’t afford it, can’t afford a cab

The bum I am, I smoke a square


Drunk and sipping stinky air

So dumb I am, no sense no care

Reminders everywhere.


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